Annual Roof Check Up – What to Look For

Most individuals never really look at their roof. When they drive into the driveway, they notice the yard, shrubs and maybe some kid’s toys that need to be picked up.   From time to time, after a big storm, moisture may drip and the ceiling gets wet.   Now is as good a time as ever to start checking the structure of your roof out. All roofing coverings need a good check up every few years, but the homeowner can do their own between the visits from a professional.  Look up and notice if there are any missing shingles. Often they get blown off during a big wind storm or others simply come loose and fall. Are there any trees or wires that are touching the roof? This can be extremely dangerous and has to be taken care of immediately. Can streaks be seen where water has been running?  Note anything else uncommon and if anything is found, call a professional to take a look. Even if the roof is new, it can have problems which need to be addressed before they cause damage.

Roofs are meant to last at least 15 years. Some will last longer, but often during those years they will need some maintenance.  Make sure you schedule at least an annual maintenance check up. A good check up will consist of your roofing expert climbing up on the roof and walking around to check for damage. Most of time there will be no repairs needed and it is just a maintenance check.  Your roofing company will know what to look for and recommend any repairs if needed.

After the maintenance check, the roofer will provide a list of needed repairs. Ask him to include this as part of the maintenance check. Make sure all gutters are clear and make needed repairs before permanent damage occurs.

Mold and Algae on Your Roof

It is possible to have mold and algae grow on the roof. The northern part is more likely to have this problem or any other area that is in the shade much of the day. It is easy to spot and will look like dark streaks or spots. Part of the yearly maintenance might be to have the roof professionally cleaned. If mold, algae or fungus are left to grow, it will cause damage. No one wants to get to that point because then it will be very expensive to repair.

Maintenance is always important and in the long run, it will save the homeowner money. It is a good idea to take care of things while they are small. Don’t let a small leak turn into a big problem.

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