10 Tips When To Call The Roof Repair Guy

When leaks appear is not the time to call in the roof repair guy; that would actually already be too late. The damage would have already been pretty serious and you would have already been inconvenienced. Of course, a leaky roof doesn’t automatically mean that it already needs replacement; it just would have been more prudent to have preempted further deterioration to the point where it involved a bigger and more expensive damage.

Many people believe that leaks are the main indicator for repair, but you can actually easily spot damage before you start experiencing rain inside your home. The key is to be observant and to do your due diligence. You don’t need to be a roofing expert to spot trouble. Even a cursory inspection from you will reveal if there are problems to be addressed.


These are what you should look out for if you’re inspecting from outside:

• Shingles – Is there evidence of damage such as curling and splitting or even an outright break or decay? Are there missing or loose shingles?

• Flat roof – Are there spots with cracks, patches, blisters, wrinkles, or tears?

• Roofing cement – Do you notice crumbling?

• Flashing – Are there tears and buckling portions?

• Soffits and fascia – Are there stains and manifestations of decay?

• Chimneys – Are they leaning? Is the flashing torn, loose or missing? Do you see damaged bricks or cracked joints?

• Gutters – Are they rusted, decayed, leaky, sagging, or clogged? Are they missing portions? Do they have loose parts?


From the inside, these are the things you should check for:

• Ceilings and walls – Do they show moisture marks, peeling paint, or gray, brown, or yellow stains?

• Attic rafters – Are there damp spots or outright leaks?

• Power bill – Has there been an inexplicable surge in energy costs? If so, there could be something wrong with your roof ventilation.

The key to having your roof last for a long time is maintenance. You need to catch damage while it’s still in the early stages so that you can repair accordingly and avoid the much bigger expense of an actual roof replacement. On the other hand, in some cases of severe damage, it’s possible to pay less to replace than to repair. Make sure you consult a roofing expert for any issues regarding your roof so that you can be advised as to the most practical solution.