How To Set Up Your Roof Christmas Decorations

Don’t wait for the snow to come before you put up your roof Christmas decorations.

There’s nothing like a good set of decorations during the holidays. Decorating your roof is another way to spice up your home. You can use different types of lights to give a unique touch to your home, from mini lights to bigger ones. When choosing your theme, you must know if you want a colorful setup or a white Christmas. Regardless of the color, it will definitely make your house shine.  But let us not get overwhelmed by this and forget the importance of safety first. Learn the pre-application steps and find out which particular lights or decor is perfect for your roof Christmas decorations. Before you get excited with decorating your home, here are the steps you have to take first before illuminating the neighborhood!

Planning Out Your Setup

Did you outline where and how your decors are gonna look like? You should! Know where the path of your lights will be, as well as the switch and cords. Why is this important? This may cause electric shortages, we don’t want to roast our homes during the holidays, right? For old decors, you can reuse them to cut cost but test them before you apply them outside. The last thing we want here is getting busted with a broken light while you’re standing on the ladder. Locate an electric outlet and plan our the electric extensions and where you’re going to path its cords. Measure the length of your roof, don’t miss out any space or edge! Measure the height and width depending on how you plan to apply it and however you may want to design it. Plan ahead, it could be 2 months before December, that is much better!

Roof Cleaning Before Setting Up

Don’t even think about decorating a dirty roof, it will not end well. Make sure that there are no clogs, not dead animals, no twigs or anything that may cause problems during set up. You can do it yourself, but you have to be aware of the problems that may come about. Roof cleaning is no joke, especially for bigger houses. In order to do this, you need proper tools and cleaning materials. Don’t try to cut expenses by buying cheap materials, it’s better to make sure with this one. Make time for it, this isn’t a one hour job that you can finish, this takes a lot of hours, setting up included, who knows it may also take days depending on the size of your residence. Roof algae, they aren’t just a matter of how your roof looks physically, but they may cause your roof to deteriorate faster and it shortens the lifespan of its durability. Make sure you have these things taken care of and include this on your plans for you to be able to allot more time into it.

Setup Equipment And Tools

Of course, apart from the decorations, there are also tools for applying them. Don’t staple your decors, ever! Especially the ones powered by electricity, this might cause shortage or more problems for your Christmas lights. Use an all-purpose light clip to attach them on the roofing. Most of these clips are designed to work well on roofs, gutters, and edges for a foolproof placement. If you have more than just lights, let’s say an inflatable decor, how do you go around this one? Use sandbags or sturdy anchoring devices that will keep a bigger decor in place, make sure you attach them on your roof properly, we don’t want an inflatable Santa Claus flying around the neighborhood! Add timers for your lights, we don’t want them to overheat, this can also help out on turning them on at a certain time without the need to manually do it. It seems like a small thing, but a good timer is a good investment.

Testing Your Work Of Art

Switch it on and check if it works the way you planned it to be, or better! There may be cords or light that don’t work during the process, so it’s better you test them when they are placed. Once everything is fine and working, you can now stand back and admire your work, it’s a masterpiece just in time for the holidays. Never work at night, work during the day when the sun is up and shining. If this comes like a chore to you, or maybe you don’t have the time, decor installation is not very pricey and some are negotiable. Nothing better than an expert at work. Don’t fret, it’s still not late to plan it out and ask for help. Most importantly, enjoy this season and spend your time with your family. This can be a good way to bond, as well. Don’t forget to keep yourself warm with a hot chocolate while you appreciate your amazing decorations this Christmas. For more information, or to contact our sales team, click here.