How to Choose the Right Roof Shingles

Choosing the right roof shingles for your home is important because they not only offer your home protection from the elements, but add to the overall design and function of the home. There are so many out there that at times it can be confusing what to choose when it comes to the type of shingle, color, design and so forth. To help you in the effort to find roof singles that work for your home, we’ve put together a short list of tips how to choose the right roof singles to make the process as quick, painless and successful as possible.


Consider Your Budget

We all have a budget that we must adhere to when considering which shingles to use on a roof, for some that budget is very constrained while others are blessed to be able to choose whatever shingles meet their fancy. The budget for shingles will play a large part in the overall type of shingles you choose.

For those with a small budget, Economy Shingles known as 3-tab shingles that offer a basic protection and design are the best; they still offer quality protection from the elements, but lack a lifetime warranty or a more architectural, coloring design.



For those who have a medium sized budget, the Timberline Architectural Shingles are a wonderful option; they offer better, protection, a lifetime warranty and an architectural styling that allows you to create an overall roof design.



Lastly, for those blessed with a large budget Designer Shingles are of course the way to go; they are far more durable that the other shingles types, offer a lifetime warranty and allow you to truly incorporate a design that melds with the house style that will make you the envy of the neighborhood.


Consider the Architectural Design of the Home

When it comes to a home’s design, shingles can add to that design or take away from it. For homes that have a more architecturally commanding structure such as Victorian, Tudor, Mediterranean, etc you want to choose shingles that work with the design, creating an overall conceptual styling with Scalloped Shingles, tiled designs, strong colors, and so forth. For more modern homes that have clean lines, shingles that offer a basic, clean look are best as they keep with the overall modern architectural design, keeping the roof and structure from warring with each other for attention.


Consider the Necessary Functions of the Shingles

Because shingles offer protection from the elements a homeowner needs to take into consideration what those shingles will be used for when they choose them. A shingle that has a basic protection may be fine in environments that have more even temperatures, but they may not be the best if your home is inundated with heavy snow or ice throughout the winter. Shingles with basic protection may be cheaper, but they could end up costing you money if they are not able to handle the effects of the environment they are in.