Roof Repair

Whether you’ve inherited an old roof that hasn’t been maintained, or a heavy rainstorm has done a number on your roof this year, all good roofs need repairs from time to time. 

No matter the type of roof repair you need, it is critical that you address repairs as soon as you notice them. Neglecting minor issues like roof leak repairs, can lead to major problems in the future. 

At Hollister Roofing, we’ve seen minor damage – like a few missing shingles from high winds – turn into major problems like leaks and water damage inside of the house. 

In order to save money, and avoid a total roof replacement before it’s necessary, we always recommend that our clients address roof repairs as soon as possible. 

Our Roof Repair Strategy

As with all of our professional services, Hollister Roofing will evaluate your roofing problem  for FREE before giving you our suggestions and estimated cost. 

We always propose the most cost effective method that will also keep your home safe and dry in the long term. No paying for anything you don’t need, and no worrying about a job half done. 

Types Of Roofs We Repair In Hollister CA, Gilroy CA, and Morgan Hill CA
Our Process

When called in for an emergency roof repair, or any roof leak repair, we never merely seal a leak and leave. 

We know that by checking your ventilation system, including soffits, ridge vents, and gable vents ensures that ventilation issues won’t crop up in the future. 

We also inspect and repair flashing on any worn out, cracked, and damaged roofing components and reseal vent collars, chimneys, skylights, and walls as needed. 

Hollister Roofing firmly believes every part of your roofing system counts, and it’s our job to make sure repairs to your whole system are done right the first time. 

Emergency Roof Repairs

Even in sunny Hollister CA and the surrounding areas, roofing emergencies happen.

Whether you’re experiencing a severe roof leak, a downed tree, or extensive damage from high winds, we know that in order to keep your home and family safe, time is of the essence. 

Call us and we can tend to the matter quickly, efficiently, and professionally. 

Preventative Roof Repair

Even the most well cared for roof is going to need a repair from time to time, but the good news is there are steps homeowners can take to keep their roof in great shape for years to come. 

1. Keep Nearby Branches Trimmed

Overhanging branches are no friend of your roof. 

During high winds, branches can scratch and damage your roof and even pull shingles off entirely. In extreme cases, large branches may even fall on your roof and cause severe damage, leaks, and even injury. 

In addition to the damage an actual large branch can cause, overhanging foliage can also cause rotting leaves, moss, and even mold to build up on your roof. 

And to make matters worse, branches can become an access point for small rodents to nest and invade your roofing components.

By simply keeping tree branches trimmed so they don’t hang over your home, you can prevent a multitude of roofing issues.

2. Clean Your Gutters

When leaves build up in your gutters, the overflow of water has nowhere to go and can end up pooling on your rooftop. 

This backup of moisture can lead to roofing damage and leaks.

Luckily, the solution is simple enough. Keep your gutters clean so that they can do their job properly, and replace old cracked gutters as needed. 

A gutter installation or replacement is significantly cheaper than replacing a whole roof!

3. Remove Leaves And Moss

If leaves and moss have built up on top of your home, it’s important to clean them off throughout the year. 

Leaves trap moisture as they decompose and can lead to leaks and even weed growth on your roof top.

Similarly, moss also traps moisture. If you catch moss and leaves early enough, you can simply rake or sweep the debris away.

If leaves and moss have been allowed to sit for a long time, you may need to pressure wash or use chemicals to kill the moss growth.

4. Take Action As Soon As You Notice An Issue

If you notice minor damage of any kind, the best thing you can do is address it quickly. 

Whether a few missing shingles, a crack in your sheathing, or sun damaged seals, calling for minor repairs will ensure that your roof doesn’t develop large, costly problems down the road. 

5. Schedule Regular Inspections

Even if your roof appears to be in good shape, there are a host of problems that can be missed by the untrained eye. 

That’s why at Hollister Roofing, we recommend our customers schedule annual roof repair inspections. 

Contact Hollister Roofing for your roof repairs today!