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Solar Panels For Your Home

Generate Power on Your Roof with Professionally Installed Solar Panels – Hollister, CA

Your roofing system can provide more than just protection and beauty. In many places around California, not just in Hollister, property owners are starting to invest in solar panels. With the cost of panels becoming even more affordable and technology improving most of the issues associated with solar energy, your home can benefit in a big way with professionally installed solar panels.

Solar Panels or Cells?

Solar panels, Hollister, CA residents might want to know, are not the only way to generate electricity from your roof. There are solar cells that can be combined with roofing materials. What this means is that you can have a roofing system and a solar powered system in one. Some of your options include solar cell-embedded tiles and shingles. While that sounds like it’s a money-saver, know that the technology has yet to be perfected. Solar cells tend to be problematic when it comes to warranty and cost. Technical issues also exist. Solar panels are still the ideal products for harnessing the energy of the sun and saving money on electricity bills. But you need to make the most of this energy to get maximum benefits.

Maximizing Solar Energy

For starters, you need professional installation. It may sound like a DIY project, going up the roof and placing the panels you bought from a specialty store. But once you realize that the solar panels are not absorbing the energy sufficiently, you’ll know exactly why a professional installation will save you more money in the long run.

As roofing experts in Hollister, we know the true value of appropriately placed roofing elements, like solar panels for your home. If the panels are not placed in the best position to harness the energy they need, it will lead not only to a lack of energy absorption but also to poor performance.

Solar Panels – Hollister, CAAside from identifying the best spot that receives optimal sun exposure, your solar panels also need to be tipped at an angle toward the sun.

Another key component to maximizing solar energy is insulation. We’ve always emphasized the three important elements of effective insulation: ventilation, attic insulation, and radiant barrier. At Hollister Roofing Inc., we not only evaluate your property for effective insulation but also use the best system that guarantees reliability, safety, and easy installation.

Solar energy is becoming increasingly easier to apply to residential properties. With the price of solar panels dropping to insanely low rates; they are about 100 times lower than they were back in the late ‘70s.

But make sure you do it right. Get professional installation. And you will receive all the benefits this clean energy has to offer.