Should You Choose a Gable Roof Design?

Even if you’re not familiar with the term, you’re probably envisioning a gable roof every time you think of a house. A gable roof design consists of two matching sloped surfaces meeting together on one side to form an inverted V shape. The usual pith of a gable roof ranges from 4/12 to 10/12. Any more than that and it’s considered a steep gable roof.

You can pretty much assume the gable roof’s popularity considering that people, even young children as reflected in their drawings, think of it as the standard roof type to go with. It’s particularly common in areas that experience the four seasons since it lends space between the actual roof and the ceiling of the house, allowing for better insulation from either the heat or the cold. Incidentally, that space is often used as an attic for storage. The roof’s sloped surface is great for places that get snow since there’s less chance of the snow settling on top, increasing weight, which could lead to the roof caving in. This also means that the design reduces problems with moisture.

On the other hand, if you live in hurricane country, you might want to think twice about having this kind of roof as it would easily succumb to the force of the strong gales of wind. For places that suffer from frequent brushes with tornadoes and hurricanes, a hip roof is recommended by builders. This is different from the gable roof in that its ends are also inclined, not just the sides.

Besides the gable and the hip, the other two common roof types for houses are flat and shed. A flat roof is something that has been gaining popularity in many places because of the possibilities it presents. You could turn it into a roof deck where you could do some entertaining. If you live in a tight urban area, it means outdoor space where you could enjoy the sun and air, your children can play, or your garden can grow.

A shed roof, meanwhile, refers to a design with just a single sloped surface. Also referred to as a lean-to roof, this is also ideal for snowy regions as it is great for drainage and insulation. Although this is normally used for garden sheds or garages, hence the name, it complements the style of many mountain homes.

In deciding which roof design to go for, you clearly need to know which one best suits your circumstances, but a gable roof is a pretty safe choice. It’s practical, affordable and simple to build.