6 Spring Cleaning Tips That Will Prolong Your Roof

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>>> DOWNLOAD THE PDF TRANSCRIPT Spring is here! And here with it is spring cleaning. During this season, most people spend time cleaning up their yards, cleaning and organizing their homes, and getting ready for the summer. However, many people neglect their roofs. Roofs need to be cleaned and maintained each spring as well. Your […]

How To Get Your Roof Ready For A California Winter: Part 3

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>>> DOWNLOAD THE PDF TRANSCRIPT In the first two parts of this series we went over the first steps to making sure your roof is ready for winter. In this final part we are going to share how to finish up your roof preparations for the season.  The strong California winter winds typically pick up […]

How To Get Your Roof Ready For A California Winter: Part 2

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>>> DOWNLOAD THE PDF TRANSCRIPT Now that you have completed the basic interior and exterior roof inspection, it’s time to do some preventive maintenance on your roof, so you can avoid emergency roof repairs or even a residential roof replacement this winter.  It may be tempting to skip a year now and then or avoid […]

How To Avoid Roof Leak Repair And Prepare Your Roof For Fall

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>>> DOWNLOAD THE PDF TRANSCRIPT The California fall and winter bring cooler weather and a lot of strong winds. Both of these seasons can be very hard on your home’s roof. Roofing is expensive, so it is best to take preventative measures to protect your roofing so it will last for many seasons to come. […]

6 Things To Look For In A Good Local Roofing Company

Is your roof in need of some repairs? Or perhaps, it’s time for it to be completely redone? Either way, it’s important to find a local roofing company that will give you the best roofing service available at a fair price. Your roof is an incredibly important part of your home and you want to […]