How To Avoid Roof Leak Repair And Prepare Your Roof For Fall


The California fall and winter bring cooler weather and a lot of strong winds. Both of these seasons can be very hard on your home’s roof. 

Roofing is expensive, so it is best to take preventative measures to protect your roofing so it will last for many seasons to come. 

If you just take a few precautions every fall you will be setting your roof up to withstand the high winds of the cooler months. 

Today, Hollister Roofing – the most trusted of roofing companies in San Benito County – wants to give you some tips on how to prepare your roof for the fall so you can avoid the cost of a roof leak repair.

Manage Your Landscape 

Cleaning up the landscape on your property is an important part of preparing your roof for the fall. This process should not take too long and it can benefit you greatly.

Trim any tree branches near your rooftop to avoid them blowing on to your roof or rubbing your roof and causing damage. Secure any objects, such as decor or small pieces of furniture that could fly into your home in a windstorm.

Fixing holes in your roof or ripped up shingles year over year can be very expensive. Many people could avoid this by remembering to manage the foliage and items around their home that can cause issues in wind storms. 

Avoid wind damage by being conscientious about cleaning up your landscaping each fall. 

gutter guard to help roof maintenance

 Clean Out Your Gutters

Fall is a great time to clean out your gutters. Be sure to remove all the leaves and debris that have built up. You should also pay special attention to the downspouts, to ensure they are fully cleaned out.

A clogged gutter can leave you with a lot of problems, including but not limited to: 

  • water damage on your roof
  • creating a nice home for rodents to live and wreak havoc
  • foundational problems

Cleaning your gutters regularly is crucial to maintaining their longevity. 

Whether you clean them yourself or hire someone to do it you will save a lot of money and time in the long run.

Consider Adding A Gutter Guard

If you do not have them yet, installing a gutter guard can be incredibly helpful. Much like it sounds, a gutter guard is there to block debris from entering your gutter so your gutters can do what they were meant to do.

Some benefits of gutter guards are: 

  • they keep the water flowing through your gutters easily
  • they prevent corrosion
  • they help you avoid infestations
  • They prevent roof leak repair

A gutter guard means cleaning out your gutters less often and having peace of mind that your gutters are running properly. 

You can install gutter guards yourself or call in the experts from local roofing companies to help. 

Make Sure That Your Flashing Is Secure

Flashing may be an underrated part of the roof, but it is a big barrier between your roof and the elements. 

When flashing is not properly maintained it leaves room for water and pests to get in and harm your roof and home. 

Straight Line Construction says,

“Over time, flashing that prevents water infiltration around the chimney and roof vents may dislodge, become bent or the sealant may deteriorate.”

Take some time this fall to go up and inspect and repair your flashing.

Take Care Of Any Debris On Your Roof

Dirt and debris such as leaves and branches that are left on the roof for long can cause issues. Moss, algae, and lichens can all grow on an unkept roof and cause a lot of damage over time. 

Wood rot, shingle damage, and eventually leaks are the repercussions of a neglected roof. 

Avoid these issues by thoroughly cleaning your roof a couple of times a year. You can do this yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. Either way, make sure it is on your to-do list this fall. 

Have Your Roof Inspected And Repaired 

The best way to prepare your roof for the fall is to have your roof inspected by a professional and any needed repairs addressed. 

According to J.D Flora Roofing,

“Roofs are one of the most important parts of your home and a big investment. A roof inspection can save you money. Roof inspections are meant to help homeowners track and fix minor problems before they become major roofing issues.

If the asphalt shingles are curling, buckling or crackling, it’s time to replace them. If the roof shows a lot of damage, it’s time to replace the roof, get in touch with your home insurance, and introduce them to your preferred roofing contractor.”

The professionals at Hollister roofing are here to serve you. We are among the best roofing companies in California and are ready to come and help you prepare your roof for winter!

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