How To Get Your Roof Ready For A California Winter: Part 2


Now that you have completed the basic interior and exterior roof inspection, it’s time to do some preventive maintenance on your roof, so you can avoid emergency roof repairs or even a residential roof replacement this winter. 

It may be tempting to skip a year now and then or avoid preparing your roof for winter. However, this is a poor choice that could lead to big emergency roofing services. So whether you put in the work yourself, or hire out for your roofing services, it is critical for the wellbeing of your home that you prepare your roof for winter.

During your interior and exterior inspection, take note of areas that need to be fixed or worked on and then begin crossing things off the list. We are going to go over some common things people need to do to prepare their roof. 

Hollister Roofing wants the best for you, and your roof so we strongly encourage you to work to prepare your roof for winter, so you don’t end up needing a residential roof replacement. 

Clean Out Your Gutters

One fairly easy, yet often neglected thing that people should do to prepare their roofs is to clean out their gutters.

If during your exterior roof inspection you or your hired inspector notice that your gutters are full of leaves and other debris, it is important that they are cleaned out promptly. 

When your gutters clog it can cause issues for your roof, like rot and moisture build up. It is best to avoid this by cleaning out your gutters routinely. 

There are several different ways to clean out your gutter. There is the old fashioned way with a ladder and bucket. You can also try some techniques such as using a vacuum or a high power washer. If you would rather save time and energy you can hire roofing services to do it for you. 

It does not matter how you choose to clean your gutter, as long as you make sure it gets done! 

Gutter Cleaning

Remove Debris

Debris does not always just end up in the gutters. There is often a lot of leaves and debris that collects on your roof. When left to pile up on your roof, moisture can be trapped causing mold and mildew to grow. It is critical to take the time to clean the debris off your roof. 

If during your exterior inspection notice leaves and debris beginning to build up it is important to go back and remove it all. 

Removing debris from your roof is a big part of preparing your roof for a California Winter and will help you avoid the need for a residential roof replacement for as long as possible.

If you are not comfortable climbing on your roof yourself to clean away the debris, you can hire a professional to do it for you.

Fix Any Damage

A big thing that you will be watching for during your interior and exterior roof inspection is damage. You or your inspector should take note of any damage you see on your roof, in your attic, and on your ceiling. 

Unless you are skilled in carpentry or roofing then you will likely need to hire a roofing contractor to fix any damage that is found.  

Make sure you don’t put off fixing damage. If you do wait, the damage can grow and turn into something expensive and time-consuming. You could even end up needing to have a residential roof replacement before you should.

Do yourself and your roof a favor and fix any damage immediately! 

Trim Nearby Trees

worker pruning tree

Unchecked trees that are close to your home can cause damage in a few ways. The best way to avoid issues is to trim branches on some trees and cut down any trees that are too close. 

Branches that are not trimmed may rub up against your roofing and cause damage. Trees that are large or very close to your home are also a threat. 

During our windy California winter, the tree branches or the trees themselves could blow onto your roof causing a lot of damage on your roof. 

Trees are wonderful and should not be cut needlessly. Just trim the branches when possible. However, when necessary – for the longevity of your roof –  cut down trees that are going to be a problem.

When you take the time to prepare your roof and the trees on your property for winter, your roof will last longer. 

When you’re proactive about these roof maintenance steps, you save money in the long run!

If you want help preparing your roof for winter, click here for a free estimate from Hollister Roofing.