How To Identify A Roofing Emergency: Your Complete Guide To Emergency Roof Repairs, Part 1


Roofing emergencies are a common occurrence during the winter winds in California. In months such as February, there are a lot of wind storms that can wreak havoc on your roof.

You as a homeowner must know how to identify a roofing emergency, know what to do when they happen, and learn how to avoid similar emergencies in the future so you don’t end up needing a whole residential roof replacement. 

Hollister Roofing knows how detrimental these emergencies can be, especially when they are not addressed properly. In this three part series, we want to give you some insight into how to identify roofing emergencies, how to handle roofing emergencies, and how to prevent them from happening again.

How To Identify Roofing Emergencies 

Roof Repair
A roofing emergency is anything that compromises the structural integrity of your roof. If your roof is compromised, then your whole home and all the possessions within your home are in danger. 

Not to mention the potential for you or your family to become ill from mold, or injured from a falling ceiling/roofing.

There are a variety of different types of roofing emergencies that you should watch out for.

According to Sheegog Contracting,

  • A tree, branch, or other falling or wind-borne object has smashed a hole into your roof. Part of the roof is now caving in, and there’s nothing to stop the weather and outdoor critters from coming inside your home.
  • A storm has torn off shingles and/or flashing or otherwise caused major leakage points on your roof. The water comes in fast and abundantly whenever it rains.
  • A section of your roof has been damaged so severely that a tarp has to be put over it to prevent expensive water damage. A temporary “patch” job may be needed as well to avert any further damage until the full repair can be completed.
  • A fire may have burned up a section of your roof. This can compromise the integrity of the roof deck and the roofing it bears, even when the shingles themselves are still intact. You shouldn’t delay at all to get this inspected and repaired.

If you are experiencing any of these – or other situations that compromise your roof integrity – then it is time to call in professional roofing contractors such as Hollister Roofing. 

They will be able to assess the situation quickly, give you an estimate, and fix the problem before it becomes even worse.

As soon as you notice a roofing emergency call an expert! Waiting can cause much bigger issues that will cost a lot more to fix and may damage other parts of your home, leading to a residential roof replacement – or worse. 

What To Do While You Wait For Your Roofing Contractors 

Once you have called your roofing contractors you mustn’t panic. The damage is done and worrying will not help. 

In the case that the storm is still raging on, it may take some time before your roofing contractors can safely come to your residents and fix the problem.  

If it is safe to wait in your home then patiently wait inside and call your insurance provider to make your claim. 

If your home is damaged and no longer safe to wait in, then you should find a coffee shop, a friend’s home, or hotel to wait in and make your calls to the insurance company.  

Unless you are a professional then do not attempt to fix your roof by yourself. This is dangerous and you can end up causing more problems.

How To Prevent Roofing Emergencies In The Future

One of the biggest ways you can help prevent roofing emergencies is to have your roof regularly assessed by a professional contractor such as Hollister Roofing.

During these assessments, the contractor will find any weak spots in your roof and fix any problem areas. This will help you maintain your roof and prevent colossal issues from arising. 

You can also create a maintenance plan to follow each year. In this plan you can include things such as cleaning out the gutters, checking on the fleshing, and looking over your roof and attic for any damage. 

Having an emergency fund set aside for roofing emergencies is another great way to prevent huge and expensive issues from forming. If you have the funds to fix smaller problems then larger ones are less likely to occur. 

Being aware of your roof and its needs, having a maintenance checklist, and hiring a professional to inspect your roof yearly will help you prevent roofing emergencies in the future.

Having funds to fix damages and hire a contractor to quickly fix your roofing emergency is a great way to keep your roof and home stable and save you money in the end. 

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