Do You Have Proper Attic Insulation?

Installing attic insulation is one way of creating the ideal interior climate for the home, but to ensure its complete efficacy, it’s imperative that it’s installed properly. One important consideration for this is the location; with correct placement, your home’s HVAC system will be prevented from becoming overworked and consuming more energy.

According to Hollister Roofing Inc., one of the most important locations for installing insulation is the attic. Not only is it an easy place to add insulation to your home, but it’s also where drastic weather changes outdoors are easily felt indoors. If you do not insulate this area of your home, your HVAC system will surely need to work double-time to achieve a comfortable indoor climate, resulting in higher energy costs.


To ensure you have proper attic insulation, here are some inspection tips you can use.

  1. Make sure that the insulation material is not pushed past the top plate at the end of joist runs, or folded back up the rafter. Blocked vent areas won’t allow air to flow freely in your attic. Likewise, make sure that it’s not too compressed.
  2. Inspect your attic floor. See if there are holes or cracks where air could leak. Air leaks can make insulation less effective. If you see holes and cracks, or even gaps, you can use caulk to cover them up.
  3. Check if your insulation has a minimum clearance of three inches where recessed lighting fixtures are installed. There should be enough space between insulation and lighting to prevent fire.
  4. Make sure that installed foil- or paper-faced insulation has the facing side down because if the facing is up, not only will insulation be ineffective, but it will become prone to damage as well. And if your home has loose-fill insulation, see if there’s a vapor barrier between each joist run.
  5. Inspect your attic for molds, mildew and rusty nails. These indicate that there’s something wrong with the insulation (perhaps with the material or the way it’s installed) and moisture’s making its way in.
  6. Watch out for open spaces between batts that are supposed to be joined together, or at their edges. These gaps should be repaired right away


If you see a bunch of problems with your attic insulation, don’t bother with a DIY repair anymore. Insulation installation and repair are meticulous tasks that should be taken care of by the pros. Hollister Roofing Inc. will perform a flawless job at these. They are familiar with all kinds of insulation material, including Owens Corning AttiCat Expanding Blown-In Insulation, as well as their installation requirements.