Roof Replacement Estimate: Top 6 Tips

When damage to your roof is already building up on repairs costs, perhaps — instead of roof repair — you should consider a complete replacement. A roof replacement will ensure that all the problematic issues your current roofing has will be addressed. And when the job is done, you get a perfect roof that enhances the appearance of your house and protects it from all external elements. Getting a roof replacement estimate can be easy.

Are you worried that the project will cost you more than you think as it’s being completed?

The cost doesn’t need to come as a completely big surprise. If you consult reputable roofing companies about the project, you can request for a roof replacement estimate. This will provide you a pretty solid idea of how much money you have to allocate for the project.


There’s a smart way of getting an estimate, though, and a trusted roofing company in Hollister has tips that can guarantee you a roof replacement estimate that’s closest to the complete cost of the work to be done.

Tip #1 – Do research on the market for the materials you need to use for the project. When you have a price list ready, you can make a comparison with the quote that roofers gave you.

Tip #2 – Ask the roofing company if they will be sourcing the materials you need from vendors that provide good deals. If not, you can find alternative stores where you can get the materials for cheaper if the estimate for materials alone is already challenging the budget you have set.

Tip #3 – Establish how quickly you need to get the job done and whether the roofing company will be able to complete the replacement according to the schedule you have in mind.

Tip #4 – Find out how many workers are needed for the job. The more workers there are, the higher labor costs will be.

Tip #5 – Inquire about the different tasks that make up roofing replacement jobs as well. It’s good to itemize tasks (this includes procuring necessary permits) so you can understand how much work will really go into the project and determine if there are some tasks you may want to hold off on so you can manage costs better. The best roofing companies personally inspect clients’ roofs for a fair determination of how much work needs to be done and how much all that will cost.

Tip #6 – Lastly, ask about labor warranty. You’re already getting an estimate for the job, so it will be to your advantage to know if roofers stand behind the quality of their work.

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