How To Clean Your Gutters (From The Ground) And Maintain Them This Spring

Spring is drawing near, and you may be realizing you have a few projects to do around the house that you put off last summer and fall.  One big thing that many people tend to avoid, but that is necessary for our homes well being, is to clean out the gutters. According to Angies’ List,  […]

The Best Roofing Material Options In 2020

So, you’re building a new home, or maybe you’ve realized your house needs a little help in the roofing department. Now comes the decisions. We can all agree that good roofing is super important for the endurance and quality of our homes, right? However, deciding what kind of roofing is best can be difficult! Today, […]

How To Prevent Common Roof Issues During The Rainy Season

Late Fall marks the official start of the rainy season in central California.  Whether you welcome the change in weather, or yearn for sunny skies again, the truth is that excessive downpours can take a heavy toll on your roof.  Before the hard rains are in full force, it’s wise for homeowners to take some […]

3 Helpful Tips To Prepare Your Roof For Fall

While the west coast autumn may be pleasant and mild enough, storms and more severe changes in weather are just around the corner.  Before the rains come, it’s a good idea to give your roof a thorough inspection and to make sure it’s cleaned of any mold or debris.  This home maintenance step will help […]

5 Different Roofing Materials For Your Home

Researching roofing materials was probably not high on your radar when you first purchased your home. You might have spent time considering how you would remodel the master bath, or redesign the kitchen, but the roof of a home is rarely a concern for homeowners… …until there’s a potential problem. A good roof protects your […]

What You Need To Know About Roof Leaks

In our homes, it is essential to take care of every part of it in order to maintain the safety of our families, and the value of the house. The roof is one part of the house that is commonly overlooked when in fact it is one of the most important parts of a house […]

Seamless Gutters: Pros and Cons

Seamless Gutters - Hollister Roofing Inc Hollister, CA

When it comes to gutter installation, homeowners have two basic options: sectional and seamless gutters. In the past, homeowners did not have this option as gutters were sold in sections. This meant that you or your contractor can install these gutters by stringing them together to cover the length of the roof with a sealant […]

Compare Roofing Shingles to Get Better Deals

Compare Roofing Shingles

Roofing materials are not items that you commonly shop for, so it’s very important to take your time with the selection process — especially if you wish to save on costs without sacrificing the look you want.If you’re building a new home or replacing your roof, and you’re looking for roofing shingles that will aesthetically […]

Gilroy Roofing Maintenance – Long Term Benefits

Gilroy Roofing Maintenance

Hollister and Gilroy roofing maintenance is vital to your home’s main protection from the elements It makes sure that no matter how harsh the weather is outside, you and your family inside are cozy, dry, warm, and most importantly, safe. Therefore, if you spot any form of leakage coming from your roof, it is highly […]

Roof Leak Repair, Inspection, And Other Ways To Save Your Roof

Free Roof Leak Repair Estimates to Hollister, Gilroy and Morgan Hill

Maintaining Your Roof – Save In The Long Run! You’ve taken great pains to choose the kind of roof you want, and you’ve chosen well. It not only protects your home well, from harsh weather and such, but it also looks really attractive. And like any other investments you’ve made around your house, you need […]