10 Tips When To Call The Roof Repair Guy

roof repair

When leaks appear is not the time to call in the roof repair guy; that would actually already be too late. The damage would have already been pretty serious and you would have already been inconvenienced. Of course, a leaky roof doesn’t automatically mean that it already needs replacement; it just would have been more […]

Roof Leak Repair, Inspection, And Other Ways To Save Your Roof

Free Roof Leak Repair Estimates to Hollister, Gilroy and Morgan Hill

Maintaining Your Roof – Save In The Long Run! You’ve taken great pains to choose the kind of roof you want, and you’ve chosen well. It not only protects your home well, from harsh weather and such, but it also looks really attractive. And like any other investments you’ve made around your house, you need […]

Safety Tips When Checking for a Leaky Roof

Our California weather can be very tough on roofs. Rain and storm damage from falling trees or limbs, to cracked or sun damaged shingles, and loose or worn out shingles, the list goes on… All of which can leave lasting damage and cause a leaky roof.  Or perhaps your roof is getting old and is […]

Ceiling and Roof Water Damage: The 5 Signs You Need to Watch Out For

Roof water damage or interior ceiling water damage is a big concern for homeowners during the winter. If a home’s exterior walls or roof is damaged water can seep in and cause a variety of problems from mold to rot and more. Identifying the signs of water damage can help to save you a world […]