List Of Roof Requirements For Solar Panels Installation

If you want a greener environment for your roofs, residential solar panels are definitely the one for you! Solar Panels obtains direct energy from the Sun causing less pollution as it replaces fossil fuels. Putting up Solar Panels to your roof is a great way towards preventing climate change. If you want to help change […]

How To Set Up Your Roof Christmas Decorations

Don’t wait for the snow to come before you put up your roof Christmas decorations. There’s nothing like a good set of decorations during the holidays. Decorating your roof is another way to spice up your home. You can use different types of lights to give a unique touch to your home, from mini lights […]

Why DIY Roof Replacement Costs Less Than Professional Services

When it comes to our homes, we always try to do our best in order to maintain its well-being. Whenever there is something wrong or broken with any aspect of our homes, as much as possible we get it fixed immediately. This is not just to avoid any further problems involving it, but also because […]

Metal Roofs 101: What You Need To Know

Roofs are one of the most essential parts when building house. Only the roof can shield away the sun, protect you from the rain, and cover against everything else. Without a roof, can you call it a home? However, the whole concept of choosing what type of roof you are going to have and where […]

Hiring a Roofing Company? Top Questions to Ask

Hiring a Roofing Company - Hollister Roofing Hollister, CA

Interested in Hiring a Roofing Company? Whether you’re constructing your first house or replacing your old roof because it’s been damaged by time, it’s imperative to be very discriminating when hiring a roofing company for the job because not all service providers are created the same. “The last thing you want is to end up with […]

How Do Solar Panels Work?

How Do Solar Panels Work? - Hollister Roofing

Many people ask: How do Solar Panels Work? An increasing number of people are considering having solar panels installed on their home’s roofs in order to receive the different benefits they provide. For one, your roof becomes a site for generating electricity rather than the plain old roof that tops off an entire property. This […]

Types Of Siding – Which One Should You Choose?

Apart from the roof and roofing shingles, your home has another line of defense against the elements: sidings. Sidings perform three key roles. As mentioned earlier, they offer protection against the elements. Next, sidings also have an aesthetic function, unifying the design and appearance of your home’s exterior. Finally, sidings can also bolster your security […]

Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

As the year draws to a close, you might be preparing to deck the halls with boughs of holly. But before getting your outdoor Christmas decorations from your storage area, it is worthwhile to pore over and follow these holiday decorating safety tips. Why? According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC, […]

10 Tips When To Call The Roof Repair Guy

roof repair

When leaks appear is not the time to call in the roof repair guy; that would actually already be too late. The damage would have already been pretty serious and you would have already been inconvenienced. Of course, a leaky roof doesn’t automatically mean that it already needs replacement; it just would have been more […]